The Lounge

suddenly more impressions pass through your eyes

In our dreams, there was a place where someone would experience a high-level of well-being. That’s the sense we would like for you to have when planning to explore this beautiful planet.
We made this dream come true. Welcome to The Lounge.

Eclectic Atmosphere

Cosy decoration, premium scents, carefully selected coffee and tea drinks. Whatever it takes to make you feel unique and special.

Exceptional Service

People here treat you as we wanted to be treated. You have the best advisors. Rely on us and enjoy this awesome journey.

Endless Inspiration

by the hundreds of travel books, guides and maps. Visual content from our presence there as well. You wish you were there already. 

Our love

about travel shaped in this venue

Or you may host your meeting here.
Of course you can.

See the tech specs of the hall
  • 100 Square One Floor Lounge
  • Open space architecture
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Dining Table & Living room
  • Standalone Kitchen & WC
  • Tableware Equipment
  • Hot & Cold Filtered Water
  • Accesible to people with disabilities
  • SmartTV 50''
  • Audio & Speakers
  • Stationary Setting
  • Wifi & Laptop Included

Seduce your guests in this elegant atmosphere

Book The Lounge for your business needs. Everyone will be pleased.

Proceed Booking

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